Sunday, 16. June 2019

Our facilities

Great sporting tradition, athletic stars from Poland and from all around the world, modern infrastructure, and fabulous natural surroundings all come together at the Olympic Preparation Centre in Spala. Our offer is directed to national and international professional sports teams as well as sports clubs and individual athletes.


We have at our disposal:

-  400 m tartan-surface athletic track, jumping and throwing sections - all equipped in accordance with the latest international athletics standards; the stadium have been granted an IAAF certificate,

-    one of the largest indoor athletic halls in Poland with a 200m Mondo runway including a 60m sprint surface. The hall includes a shot-put zone, long jump and triple jump sections, pole vault jump, high jump zone, and weightlifting and training annexes,                       

 - 100m runway hall with Mondo surface including long jump and triple jump section,

-  football pitch with artificial grass (90 x 64m)

-    multi-functional sports hall with courts for team games, 10-floor fencing section and a weightlifting hall,

-    indoor 25m swimming pool with 1,6m - 1,8m depth; one lane has a shallow water floor, reducing the water depth to 0.9m which makes safe area for children and special needs swimmers,

-    judo and wrestling hall

-    5 outdoor tennis courts with mineral surface plus a training wall and  3 beach volleyball courts - open in summer.



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